Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Do you have one of these??

If you quilt.. and don't have one of these... You NEED one. Design walls. I am so tickled with mine. I finally went out and got a Fons and Porter design wall, there is no pinning.. just slap your fabric up there. It's about 65 x 72 ish or summat, I kinda wish it was bigger but.. I fully don't have room in this matchbox of an apartment.

But for now I can fill it up with the first chunk of my quilt.. so I can walk by and stare at it.. or sit on the bathroom counter and brush/floss my teeth whilst pondering the arrangement of my blocks.

Yes.. tres happy!! yay!!!!!!

Oh I scored these christmas ornaments half price two weeks ago... They are meant to hang on your tree.. I got the last four.

You put tea lights in them... though I've been thinking about tracking down some nice succulent plants...but for now I put tea lights in them and hung them above my bed.

Mmmm.. sanctuary.


  1. I couldn't live without my design wall...your quilt looks wonderful on there.

  2. Thanks Mari :) I don't know how I managed without this wall up until now. I just ended up with slightly doggy haired blocks.. he makes his homw on ANYthing that hits the floor.. so this is nice.. he can't touch it.