Saturday, 19 February 2011

Chinese Lantern Quilt

Have you ever fantasized of working with fabric everyday?? Well I'm one of the lucky ones! Every day I walk through the shelves and fantasize about the millions of projects I can get done.. in reality very few make it to the drawing board. This one however made it!

Across from my work is China town. A few years ago they put up red lanterns that are strung across the streets standing out proud in all their glourious gold and red glory and at night they light up.

I love it when it's windy and to watch they beautiful lanterns tossing in the wind.. and a month ago I had a vision.. and this is what it became..

It taught me alot about free motion stitching and using different metallic threads. There was so much to learn.

I envision turning this pattern into a bed spread with two lines of lanterns at the bottom...

Well at least I got it out.


  1. Gorgeous - love it! Think you've captured the movement you described really well. Well done clever laydeeeee. Beck says he really likes it too! We have the flu thang so are huddled up surfing the net. How terribly modern!! Lx