Sunday, 20 February 2011

I love your guts.

I caught the wave of the flunami this week.. so I've been in a little ball of snot and fevers. So I managed to finish one thing where I could just sit and veg out and watch an entire season of Boston legal. (I love you Alan Shore)

Back in highschool me and my best friend used to alternate who would bring a box of tissues to school. During allergy season we both were total snot sisters. We used to make our own hankies. For valentines I found a pattern from sublime stitches and decided to embroider it onto a hankie for her!

I still have more hankies!! I thought maybe a heart with a banner on it that says forever snotty.. lol.

ahh.... right.. I got a quilt to make

*wanders off in her half sick delerium*

1 comment:

  1. Beck says this is kinda gross ;) I think it's kinda gross - but cute - awwwwwww 'snot sisters'!! Lx