Monday, 14 March 2011

HOLY crap.. I did it.. Union Jack quilt block!

Wow.. I could like.. cry. When was it?? May last year when I first attempted this. I tried paper piecing, I tried sewing triangles and strips.. I tried EVERYTHING.

Well.. Let me tell you... this last week and a half alone I have F*&^ED up four.. COUNT em FOUR!

Here are a list of various reasons WHY you should never try something you've never done before if you are any of the following.

1) It's past 11pm ( remember no quilting or life decisions after 11pm)
2) You are hungry
3) You are drinking
4) You are on your period
5) You are on your period and do not have chocolate
6) You are drunk and hungry and on your period past 11pm
7) You are tired
8) You're not on your period but are acting like a irrational monster anyways

Well tonight NONE of the above applied. I took my flag pattern and re wrote the whole thing, I made it bigger.. then smaller.. and I sat in bed and drew out the widths... then I napped, BOY did that help.

I ate my left over cake pops from the weekend.

Holy wow.

I went and sewed something COMPLETELY different.. I new sunglasses case!! ( OHHHH SHINY.... what was I doing again? Oh yes.. Union Jack block)

(Fun eh? I printed onto cotton some rad picture.... I'll post a tutorial later this week.)

Then I cut my fabric

PRAYED to the quilting gods.

And begun....and then... hour or two later... I placed my 4 squares on the table and started to well up... OMG... I FRACKED it AGAIN? How???? I was so careful!!

See how the top block is totally not lined up???

I nibbled on some tortilla chips and and nearly smacked myself into the table....

AAaaaaannnnnd rotate 180 degrees...

Ahh better...

Finally I came down into the kitchen and did a victory lap around the kitchen table screaming at the top of lungs disturbing the Man and the Bobo deeply. Who cares? I'm giddy!!!! I did it!!! I can't wait to do more now!!! yay yay yay yay yay!!!! RAWR!!! Foook ya I rule.

And one day... in the distant future I'll make it into a pattern.. I promise.. just.. might take me another 10 months. la la la.


  1. I laughed and laughed reading this post! So, how did you end up doing it? Paper?