Saturday, 5 March 2011

Its my birthday!!

Well..LAST Saturday was my birthday. Not just any birthday the big 30. Good bye 20's! It was lovely!! This birthday has had me kicking and screaming all the way. I don't feel good about it.. but now I'm here.. I'm here I guess. BAH! What a head kicker.. I never imagined myself at 30..

I decided to have a party however. Anyone with a last name from A-M brought tapas and the later brought desserts. I decorated the house up, even got a tank of helium!

Plenty of amazing food from my friends including some AWESOME cupcakes and butter chicken.

My birthday cake..this seems to be a running theme amongst my friends.. we're all getting dirty...well at least something that rhymes with dirty.

I was FULLY spoilt rotten. Garlick and Hiltz made me new monkey fists! My other friend gave me a set of juggling clubs as well. Can you tell what my other passion is? No it's not being a clown.. although some would argue that...

After we all stuffed our faces with food we all went out back and several of us did a nice fire show.

It was really a magical birthday in fact it was the best birthday party I have ever had.. I think it even beat Chucky cheese's.

Has anyone else struggled with the dirty thirty??

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