Friday, 18 March 2011

Make a Sunglass case - tutorial

I recently surrendered my old case due to it's massive bulky size and wanted something fun, funky and different. After scouring the Internet for some interesting photos I picked one out and printed it onto EQ printable cotton sheets set to print at 5"x7" and printed two onto the same sheet.

I then cut them out and sewing using a scant 1/4 inch seam. (a seam allowance that's just a thread or two less than a quarter-inch.) Leave one side open. You'll end up with a "pocket".

Next I measured my "pocket", then added 1/2inch to these dimensions and cut out a piece of batting and lining fabric.

At this point I took my magnet snaps...

and cut holes approx 3/4 down from the top in the center where the opening will be and made two holes for the snaps to go through.

Inserted the snaps one on each side with the reinforcers that come with them.

Then sewed the side seams of the lining and then to the "lip" or opening of the case. MAKE sure you leave the bottom of the lining open or you won't be able to get it all right side out.

Slip stitched the opening and... TA-DA

I just printed off this picture....

Can't wait to make this one!

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