Thursday, 10 March 2011

Make your own fabric flower pots!

As usual I was bumbling around the store the other day putting away fabric mindlessly when I had one of those Eureka moments. I found myself holding the roll of PUL fabric we had ordered in for diaper making. It really hasn't taken off which is a shame. I think making diapers SEEMS like alot of work. So my brain was pondering what ELSE can be made out of this? And suddenly.. OH! Of course!

I decided to use a cute fabric on the outside and use the PUL as a liner. The neat thing about this fabric (or not so neat actually.. considering the environment) is it doesn't break down so it will hold up.

I did sew the seams on the inside and it does leak a little, hence the succulent, so next time I'm going to buy some waterproofing strips either from the hardware store or from Mountain Equipment Co-op to seal the seams.

Think about it! You could colour coordinate your pots with your rooms!!!

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