Friday, 29 April 2011

Does it feel like ones of those days?

Oh Bobo...
 Mr Bobo was being particularly cute today.

I think EVERYthing... everything except me spilling sour cream down my front at dinner...oh and a fabric pucker.. has gone my way today.  It was a reflective day today too..

damn you pucker!!

I started sandwiching my Union Jack quilt today ( finally), using my Janome machine. My machine is great. She's been going for years... it's nothing fancy, but she was made before the plastic light machines started coming out. Simple stitches. But it got me thinking about how I got here... simple beginnings.

..but I found myself thinking about my machine and JUST how long it's been with me.. We've done alot of sewing together.. when I think just HOW many years, about 19!! Think of ALL the hours.. of sewing...

During my "sewing" break I looked up and admired my pictures hung above my sewing station.. It's where I got my blog "motto" from.

When I first got it.. I was young. I didn't really understand to appreciate what it meant. As I got older I went through a stage where it was "not cool", crafts and sewing went to the wayside and I hid it for years in my closet and when I first moved out. Once my Dad came over to mine and saw it sitting behind my couch and told me Mom had been hurt when she noticed it there.

Back on the wall RIGHT away... and the longer it sat there.. the more I loved it. Soon the sewing machine came back out.. and I am where I am now.. up to my eye balls in fabric.

Speaking of fabric... Check this out.. THIS is the VERY first piece of fabric I EVER bought!! It was my first sewing project. I made a sewing bag. I don't know where it is now.. but I still have this scrap! How cool is that? What should I do with it?!?!

Here's a sneak peak of the back of my quilt.

Well of for my LAST weekend with the circus!!! Have a great weekend! Whoot!

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