Sunday, 24 April 2011

My happy not so Easter Eggs

I was digging around in my craft drawers and came across my easter eggs from last year. They are not your typical eggs... skull and cross bones... and some type of flower thing.

This year has been a little crazy with time and all.. I rolled in from being on the road this weekend at about 430 but was determined to make SOME type of egg. I had ALL kinds of ideas and I started off with like.. 4 eggs.. but in the end I only had the attention span for one egg... and why not make my brother an egg???

So I introduce to you... the egg of 2011... dedicated to my brother..

Yes.. ACDC easter egg... hell ya.

Well tomorrow I hope I get time to sleep in.. get some quilting done. Dabble  in some dreams.. and get some WIP's done!!!


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