Sunday, 17 April 2011

Union Jack Top DONE!!!

Phew...I got that aftercraft glow going on... and you can see why.

After a mini marathon this afternoon I've been pecking away at my Pie and Tarts quilt and then just dove into finishing off the top of my quilt. FINALLY. And I am so pleased with it!

I have moments where I worry about excess colour. I really really like bright and random patchy work stuff. This one was made for a pre-teen so I didn't want to be too girly and I wanted that punk rock feel.

Last year I fell in love with Free spirits Jane Sassman "Prairie Gothic" Collection. Those meters have been waiting so long to be used...Along with some much loved Heather Ross collection.. those mermaids and octopus's have stolen my heart... ( oh that reminds me of a post I'll be doing soon... ;) )

And two weeks ago we received part of the new line called Garden Diva... and of course I ended up going home with a meter.. la la la... but it turned into MAYBE one of my favorite squares...

And after much much much debate.. a few days of trying MANY many border fabrics and good old Kaffe Fasset did the number.

YAY!!! Love it!!! Now.. backing.. batting.. quilting.... battles half done.