Sunday, 15 May 2011

Fit for a queen.. the "Jack" is finished.

Last weekend after a hairy busy month I sat down and finished off the border, binding and quilting...snuck over to the neighbours yard while they are out in Europe.

Spring has finally arrived and the colours of the yard seemed to be caught in the quilt..
The big open sky just seemed so inviting.


The Union Jack is made up of three different crosses. The St.Andrew's, St.Patricks and St.George's.
This quilt was inspired by my sudo-step daughter who is English. I decided to quilt the St.Georges's flag (England's flag) as you can see from the back.

It also has bits of front of the quilt in likkle tiny squares....

I think spring has arrived!!

Bobo had a GREAT time exploring this new yard and ran himself in circles for until I thought his heart was going to beat out of his chest... I turned on the garden hose and just had a rush.. that maybe summer is JUST around the corner.. maybe??

I'm almost done the pattern writing... it's more of an undertaking than I thought.. stayed tuned!!


  1. looks excellent Sarah! Well done!

  2. This quilt is amazing. I also love your dog drinking out of the hose. CUTE!

  3. Bobo is FREAKIN adorable. I love him so much.

  4. This is awesome, you showed this quilt to the ladies from England on Saturday in the Store! I was the one buying fabric for the Baby Quilt. Congratulations on making it on Craftzine! This is great and beautiful quilt!

  5. Oh hi!! Thank you for dropping by!!! I can't wait to see your baby quilt!! how exciting :)