Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New to me Amy Butler seat covers!!!

How beautiful are these???

Ok so I had this bright idea about a month ago about recovering my kitchen chairs.. they have seen better days.

Yuk much? They've put up with hours of my ass sitting on them sewing away.. and occasionally eating there too. I picked up some home decor weight Amy Butler fabric some time ago and took out the screws and... well couldn't find my bleedin' staple gun. So what do I do? Do I put the screws back on??? Nooo.. of course not. That would be organized and clever. Every time I have sat at my sewing chair for WEEKS and weeks I have nearly fallen off and had to readjust so the un-bolted seat doesn't fly out from under my dairy-air.

This beautiful long weekend I .tracked down one of my staple guns ( yes I said one of... ) and tried to start stapling the fabric down but the wood is SO tough I decided to go for good old fashioned upholstery nails.
So there I am sitting on the kitchen floor pounding away with my hammer and this tiny *#&$ nail.. and then it hit me like a brick wall..

Why do this??

when I have access to this????


I zipped those bad boys up in no time. DAMN I need one of those, 

I'm now thinking of spray painting them.. but what colour?!?

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