Monday, 23 May 2011

Tablecloth to scarf

Hello spring and hello sunburn!! Went out to watch the parade and whoooops. No sunscreen. la la la..

One day I went to my hair appointment only to find out I had come a week early! A whole hair overhaul was due and I was sad  pissed I had screwed up the to make myself feel better I did what most people in this situation would do.. SHOP. My shopping score was a awesome scarf on sale. I fell right in love with the textures and have been slowly wearing it out.

If you haven't noticed lace seems to be totally in and I have to say I am loving it! Lace and dollies yum?? Did I actually say that? During a VV boutique ( Value Village ) hunt my BBF and I tracked down a few old table cloths and some random beautiful cream silk.

Also I went to the local fine clothing fabric store Gala and picked up some lace for like 1.80/meter which I sewed off the side and let some lace hanging down for draping effect.
I cut out part of the lace table cloth I had leaving the existing ruffle intact.

Normally I would had used pom poms or maybe used felt roving, but since I was far too impatient I pulled out some batting that I had lying around and cut out squares and long triangles. I rolled the triangles and put them INSIDE the square and pinched the end to create my own balls.

Taking topstiching thread ( since it's so strong ) I cut a few lengths and popped the balls through one side and tied it from the other. I did a few rows of these. Placing them about 2 inchs apart.

I serged the silk and the table cloth strip together and ...tada... I'm love it! I'm going to add more balls, but I think I'll actually track down some pom poms.. I want them all to be more even. Oh yeah and when I was sewing I thought pins would run the silk and/or wouldn't hold properly, so I used clothes pins to hold my layers together.

I'm super thrilled with the result and will have to restrain from going back for more tableclothes! Oh yes..they won't be safe from me!! mah ha ha ha.

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