Monday, 30 May 2011

Toliet roll holder. Will you be converted?

At some point I was helping my mother pack up her sewing machine one day and noticed some rubbish lying about to which being the responsible daughter ( well I was feeling like it that day ) started to clean up. The usual was scattered about, scraps of fabric, threads and some toliet rolls???? As I skillfilly aimed at the bin my mother shrieked out from across the room. "Don't you DARE"

Uhhhh... what?

She walked over and took the toliet roll off my hands and snatched up her sewing machine cord and stuffed it inside and I had one of those "ah-ha!" moments that I'd like to share with you.... however to distinguish it from the rest of my rolls ( I have allergies ok!) I decided to make it pretty.

Take your roll fabric and some good old fashioned 606 fusible spray and tada pretty little holder.

Yes no? will you be converted?? It works for EVERYTHING!! I have them for my iron and all my sewing machines now. 

1 comment:

  1. fantastic idea and upcycling of a toilet roll!