Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Union Jack pattern for sale!

Yes I finally did it I made my first modern quilt pattern and it's for sale on etsy.. I pushed the button but not before having a few panic attacks. *fingers crossed* I am so excited to have this done after almost exactly a year of messing about with this pattern. It's such a wonderful amazing feeling to have completed this. Friends and family and Mr.Aftercraft have been wonder supporters all through this mad crazy process. Ive been allowed to take over entire rooms, drag people around to look at fabrics, had people put up with me TALKing about it, staying up till 3am sewing like demon and then having meltdowns because I messed something up.. yes at last!

AND I decided to post my tsumami kanzashi pattern which I printed earlier this year with AWESOME perfect clear photos. It's been selling really well in the paper version so I thought I'd try my hand on etsy.

wish me luck!