Friday, 17 June 2011

Dear Boss,

Me and Quilt had a big fight last night. He tried to blame it on Instructions and me but she ( Instructions ) said that Quilt just never ever listens, especially when he goes hanging out past 11 at night near Sewing Machine. Sewing Machine can REALLY have a mind of its own and will just go on it's on tangent. Sewing Machine and Instructions have a bit of a funny relationship.. when it's good it's great when it's bad it's terrible. She really is good at drawing you in.. she draws you in and when you think it's a really good idea you can walk away from Sewing Machine and realize it was all a BIG mistake. I've had a few fights with her and BOY can she create one big MESS!!

AS for Quilt... I'm not sure who is to blame at the moment. All I know is Seam Ripper will be visiting and intervening tonight and claims he is ready to rip right into Quilt and find out where it all went wrong. He'll tear it all apart at the seams so we can all start from Square one... if not Quilt has backup called Stash that is wiling to come and help repair the damage if it can't be sorted out.

Instructions keeps piping up " I told you so, you never listen to me." it's kinda a big mess. Between that and Iron trying to commit suicide last night by jumping off the board.. it's been kind of a stressful night.

This is why Quilt will not be coming into work with me today.


  1. This tends to be the trend at my place any time after midnight.....
    Also, I would like to buy the Union Jack quilt pattern, but Etsy says it is sold.....How can I get one?

  2. Hi Rachel, I've fixed it so that link on side bar should take you back to my shop to one that is for sale.