Sunday, 5 June 2011

Do you need a strawberry Planter?

Its better than Christmas for me at the moment in my "garden". Last month I inherited a whack of strawberry plants and they have been sitting in shallow pots waiting for their new home.

I wanted to purchase a few of those topsy turvy planters that look super cool but I had one of those "visions" where you can't do anything but that vision, and this vision entailed a ice cream bucket... odd?

Now it's not the prettiest of planters.. but I'm pretty happy with it. BEHOLD upcycled strawberry planted holder!! Which cost a whole... 25 cents!

Mr.Aftercraft was so kind as to build it for me as I photographed.

We made holes on the side of the buckets with a crazy drill bit, this however could totally be done via a pair of scissors.

Then we put holes in the bottom for drainage.

We stuffed the bucket with weed mesh which can purchased from anywhere that has garden supplies and fill it with dirt.

Then we took the plastic circles from when we made the holes and stuffed them back in for support.

We cut holes into the mesh...

and planted the strawberries on the sides and put a few on top.

I LOVE fresh picked strawberries.. especially from my own garden!

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