Wednesday, 27 July 2011

i want to kill Cancer

Oh that would make a great campaign slogan wouldn't it? I finished my binding and my quilt will be picked up Friday and donated and raffled for the Island Breast stokers, a local dragon boat team to help raise money to eradicate this terrible bastard of a disease. 

Oh that sounds so dark and miserable!! I love my colours! I was inspired by the cover of my latest favorite book the Modern Block Party.

I love the binding I choose for this.. even though it wasn't in the actual quilt it pulls all that yummy chocolate fabric together.

And the backing! A total score for 5 bucks a meter!! Perfect colours and I really like the print too.. But I only bought enough to finish this project.. I'm officially on a fabric diet.

So sweet.. another one off my list of doom!


  1. I am a breast cancer survivor (9 ys) so I always appreciate when others help to eradicate this bitch of a disease. Must say tho' I love love love your backing. Do you know what it is, do you carry it? Inquiring minds want to know. BTW came to you via the quilting edge blog..we Canadians need to spark each other on, eh? Have great day, it's hot and humid here in southern Ontario, yuck.

  2. I love love the backing. I don't know what it is, it was in the cheap pile at the local fabricland. If you want it maybe I can go back and see if its there??

    Thanks for dropping by!! don't you LOVE the quilting edge?