Saturday, 9 July 2011

Quilts I'm working on

Log cabins are one of my favorite quilt blocks. My friend/co-worker Barb used a pattern I gave her to make one for a couple she knew that was getting married. I simplified the pattern and tried out a block from some scraps.

Now the problem is:

1) I want to make a WHOLE quilt from these colours but I don't have enough fabric

2) I fully do NOT have time for another quilt..besides I have a log cabin on my LIST OF DOOM already.

The other quilt is a Charity Quilt for Cancer. I picked out the colours and one of them I accidently cut the wrong I ended up rummaging through my stash and found this beautiful liberty of london fabric which went even BETTER than the fabric I had previously picked...


I didn't want to cut it up!!!

Why do we do this? I can't BARE to cut up this fabric which I have ZERO plans for and have had for like over a year...and I am torn that I have to cut it up.
sooo beautiful... to cut or not to cut??


I can't wait to get started on this next week. I suspect my day off on Monday will be throwing this top together.


Had a bit of a fail though... bought the wrong length of snaps.. and now I have a shwack of rainbow bracelets that are useless... I'm sending Mr.Aftercraft to the store first thing and making him bring them to the site..

*fingers and toes crossed*


  1. Oh, man, the "cut or not to cut" question is so tough. I really don't want to be that person who has 10 year old fabric that's too precious to cut up, but... That Liberty blue fabric will never be available again! It's so tough. I'm using that Liberty stuff now, though, and it's awesome. So I say, cut it up! :D

    That pink spider stuff in the log cabin is amazing. I love the colors and prints you chose!

  2. Oh geez
    THANKS for reminding me it will never be available again.

    Oh well it's cut now.

    Maybe if I ever REEEEALLY want more I could spoonflower it? Is that legal?