Friday, 12 August 2011

My million Dollar idea....

Yup, I could make MIIILLLIONS off this.. well maybe a few hundred..but I want to share it with you. If you are anything like me and like big bags you will marvel at this. Mr.Aftercraft often refers to my bags as "luggage". I like em big.. big enough to lose my keys, wallet, small children and my phone in ALL the time. (ok not small children but it's pretty bad) Although I have learned to use my cell phone pocket,  my keys often elude me. So a few weeks ago standing outside my car in the rain having a total melt down I got into my car and asked myself... how can I  make this easier??? and it came to me... a key chain... no... not like a las vegas gansta one... like a REAL CHAIN.
I introduce.. Rara-chains!

Never again will you stand out in the rain, the dark, in the cold or slightly drunk outside your door again searching for your keys!!  Now you can also add bling to your bag and never lose your keys because they are  attached!

And when you want to leave your purse at home.. fear not! rock out that old school style with a modern twist..

BUT WAIT! what if you need access to your hands AND your keys easily?.... simple! Clip it to the other side...

AND VOILA! instant necklace. I'm totally in love.. and wonder why I haven't seen these before or why haven't I made one before. WINNING!

You want one don't you?? Tell me I'm not crazy and this is a good idea!!!

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