Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Scrap = more scrap quilts

Do you look at your scrap pile and just shake your head?

 I used to sub cut the "end" of my fabrics into 2.5 and 5 inch strips... and then last year I made myself a scrap log cabin quilt. This was great I used up SO much.. but I also had to accumulate more lights.. and then over the last year I still continued to build up a bigger and better stash which of course equals a bigger and better scrap pile... and now... well now after a tidy up and thanks to the miracle of zip-lock baggies I have this:
My scrap basket all colour coded

This is even AFTER I have been working away on my Pie and Tarts Quilt by Sue Daley. I've been working on it for a while and it will be a year this fall.. but I am tackling one pie at a time... Like my "Pie" box?? ha ha.. get it?

That's a pizza pie!!

I thought I'd share my favorite tools for my english paper piecing (EPP)

Fons and Porter makes a AWESOME glue stick. I like it for three reasons.

1) it's got a great small tip for "basting" your paper pieces.
2) The blue tint lets me see where I've glued
3) it's got refills so it's cheaper to get more AND I'm not throwing away plastic.
more paper piecing.. I am addicted!!!

Foxglove makes these great straw needles and I have totally fallen in love with them. They are great and just cut throw my fabric like butter doing EPP.
using glue allows you to reuse your paper.

and of course my new favorite hand sewing thread by YLI it's egyptian cotton and it's one strand and feels great to sew with. I've been curious about trying some silk though.

Do you have favorite tools for hand sewing and EPP to recommend?

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