Sunday, 11 September 2011

It's catching on...

I'm getting pretty excited. I have had a few people trying out my pattern! Sales have been pretty good and I'm pretty fruitin' pleased.

My new CLAIM to fame is that the amazing Nettie from A Quilt is Nice who is one of the twelve ladies who wrote one of my new favorite books ( for me and my customers at work )

Click over to her blog if you haven't already and check it out!!  She's a busy lady and I'm really chuffed that she agreed to test out the pattern.

Another friend whom I adore Knoxville girl gone Manchester who writes Stitch me Lane has been busy busting out blocks and I have to say I love love her choice in fabrics. Even when I was in England I got the joy of being able to raid her stash.

Thank you M'am

Thank you sooo much ladies! And to all those who have purchased the pattern. I would LOVE to be able to sneak into everyones sewing rooms and see what and how they are making them. 

Do you have a blog and want to make a Union Jack quilt? contact me! I'd love to do a trade for a little exposure.

Alright than. Off to make freshly picked blackberry apple pie... as soon as this mountain of laundry is dealt with.

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