Sunday, 25 September 2011


This is a fabric which I have a serious crush on. Not only is it in rainbow colours. but it has animals and skeletons on it! How much more awesome does this get?

One of my new favorite customers wanted to make pillow cases for her Niece who is going through chemo treatments so I picked out a few different fabrics and this was one of them. She loved it sooo much she told her Aunt she wanted her WHOLE room done up on this.. Now although we can't actually do that her Aunt decided she did want a quilt done up and since she is very busy she asked me to make one up.

So I put my projector on the fabric and blew up the faces and made little appliques of the faces.

I think they turned out super cute.

And THEN just when I thought I couldn't make it any cooler.. I quilted it with.... wait for it.....

worst blog photo EVER!!!

GLOW IN THE DARK thread! That stuff has seriously been sitting on my shelf for like two years and I had a great eureka moment with it. I had a ton of fun just randomly quilting just letting my needle take me to wherever.. then needle down...and keep going. I think it kept the feel of the quilt funky.

LOVE! Can't wait to hand this one over too!


  1. That is GORGEOUS! Best of luck to the girl in question, too - hope she recovers soon!

  2. You are incredible the rate you turn out new quilts! So inspiring! I hope your customer's niece gets a lot of strength, comfort, and happiness from it.

  3. You just make my quilting imagination soar!
    Thank You for sharing your project's and experiences.
    Hug's Stephie Spring
    Victoria, BC

  4. This quilt is seriously awesome.... anyway you can say where you found the fabric?

  5. OMG!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE, and really want!!!

    As always Sarah beautiful work!!!