Friday, 30 December 2011

Melly & Me Kaleidoscope

Do you like unicorns, bunnnies and moose? Add in a cup of cute and you've got Melanie Hurlston's aka Melly & Me book Kaleidoscope. I bought this a few weeks ago and was literally squealing with glee as I thumbed through the pages.

The very night I had the book I was already cutting out "Bella-boo" the bunnie. I made Bella-Boo and the Moose Melvin for my cousins kids this Christmas.

The pair together.

With Bella boo I was fearful that the dress would be difficult since it was so small but her instructions are pretty good... as long as you read them.

back of dress detail
Her patterns are a little different then some as you have use some pattern parts as a template and SEW on the line.. not cut.
so carry-around-able

I used a doll's needle and attached the arms on with a strong cross stitch and DMC floss to create durability and also made the arms articulated.  

articulated arm

I used fabric on her head flower instead of felt.

When I finished embroidering her face I started squealing all over again. The pattern is SO FREAKIN CUTE! Don't you think?

Now these are the first dolls I've ever made other than the Alien with no pants. I was pleased they turned out ok. 

Melvin the Moose.. now he is for a little guy and I omitted all the buttons on his overalls and I had to make her overalls smaller than the pattern was when it was finished. I'm not sure why.

Again I used DMC floss on his arms and on his antlers. Time will tell to see how well these hold up I think they may come off quickly even though they are secured really well. IF I were ever to make another I might make the antlers slightly larger. 

maybe back pockets would make a cute addition?

front pocket detail

He is pretty fun too though... I can say I made a moose. That's right up there with I ran away with the circus.

I can't wait to make the backpack on the front cover... and of course the unicorn.

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  1. ohmygosh!!! sarah, these are soo cute! now i'm squealing! i bet these were absolute fav. christmas pressies! you've done a beautiful job! xo