Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sewing Borders onto the back of your quilt.

I made a quilt for a friend recently and after putting together the top realized I had totally goofed on the measurements and hadn't bought enough of the backing... but I had more of another fabric which I thought ok... I'll make a border on it no problem... but then I realized I wanted a perfectly squared border on the back.. how would I do this? Where do I find out how?? 

Well a few fruitless google searches later I sat in a huff on the sewing floor and stared miserably at my quilt.

Then "eureka" 

This is how I did it.

My top had been finished already completed with borders. I basted my top to my batting and stretched amy backing which just extended past my borders on the bottom.

I then stitched in the ditch around the border of my top which just came through on my backing..

I then cut my backing borders larger then I needed and placed them right sides together just past my stitch line I had created.

I did the sides first and then the top and bottom as I would a normal border... pressed it.. and was able to complete my binding as per usual!!! I was so stoked! It looked perfect and beautiful!

Are the other methods? I haven't a clue!

I totally adore this line by Suzy Ultman Critters Community! It is just toooo cute for words. I had a blast working with these prints and just cut and spread these guys all over my design wall until something spoke to me.

added along with that linen texture line.. sublime.


  1. That is a GORGEOUS quilt! I love it!

  2. Thank you! I loved it but it wasn't for me :)

  3. You always pick such lovely fabrics and make such amazing things :-)