Sunday, 30 January 2011


Saturday morning I woke up extra early to wish fair well to my parents who are off to a lovely hot destination(s) for 2 whole months... this means.. temporarily.. I inherited....

A kitchen which is probably bigger than my whole apartment.....

and a sewing room which is bigger than my living room and bedroom put together...

but I am not complaining and I have taken FULL advantage of this situation.

A quilt....oh I mean two.. has been started that have been bouncing around in my head for a's a sneak peak at a few pics.

I made cheese nibbles....

Double baked potatoes..


AND a cheesecake last night!!

Oh yes.. HAPPY weekend!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Do you have one of these??

If you quilt.. and don't have one of these... You NEED one. Design walls. I am so tickled with mine. I finally went out and got a Fons and Porter design wall, there is no pinning.. just slap your fabric up there. It's about 65 x 72 ish or summat, I kinda wish it was bigger but.. I fully don't have room in this matchbox of an apartment.

But for now I can fill it up with the first chunk of my quilt.. so I can walk by and stare at it.. or sit on the bathroom counter and brush/floss my teeth whilst pondering the arrangement of my blocks.

Yes.. tres happy!! yay!!!!!!

Oh I scored these christmas ornaments half price two weeks ago... They are meant to hang on your tree.. I got the last four.

You put tea lights in them... though I've been thinking about tracking down some nice succulent plants...but for now I put tea lights in them and hung them above my bed.

Mmmm.. sanctuary.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

New tsumami kanzashi....

I've been trying to find time to create things to give away to people... So I just finished a couple new flowers which I expieremented a little more with wool and linen.. The wool I found a little stiff and wasn't amazed by the way it turned out... the Linen however.. I loved,

I'm going to be making a pattern and selling it at work soon for these..

What do you think? Cute?

Friday, 21 January 2011

Looky what I won!

Before christmas I was participating in a blogger event "100 quilts for Christmas". I stumbled across it and felt compelled to make something for the christmas season. It was an amazing expierence which I had a TON of fun making the quilts AND the first time ever staked out places to take pictures of my quilts which I really loved doing. Shocking.

The best part though?? I WON something! That is the first time ever online and I love love love my prize. It arrived a few days ago in the post. Much thank you to Pin-Sew-Dress for donating and sending me this beautifully made mug rug. I adore it and it is proudly on display in my kitchen.

and a big thank you to Swim, Bike, Quilt and AmyLouWho and Aunt Spicy for hosting this event.


Chinese Take out Planters

Do you love these little chinese take out containers as much as I do? The local dog biscuit shop puts these treats in Chinese Take out containers and I just can never bring myself to throw them away convincing myself I will find something for them to do with them.. and I had a Eureka moment yesterday.. of course.. they are meant to hold liquids!!! Perfect for plants!!!

Now I need more plants..

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Pies & Tarts Quilt.

I have a quilt mentor. I met her when I took my first REAL quilting class. My previous "inventions" were merely random squares that were sewn together with the help of a sewing machine before I met her. Her influence was great and she is TRULY an amazing woman who to this day never ceases to amaze me.
Picture 123

However.. I was trained and that constant voice of " I don't do that "H" word " got installed into my brain.

The H word of course being HAND.. to sew by HAND.. nothing was sewn by hand. Only boring people who had nothing better to do sewed by hand.

Flash forward to last summer at a local quilt show.. I found myself gazing at a queen sized quilt... sewn by hand. I sat there.. speechless. Almost jealous.

Wait a sec did I say jealous?

But yes.. there I was..drooling.. envious...

My boss came home from the Houston Quilt show last September... with her she brought several patterns from BusyFingers Patchwork... I turned the pattern over.. english paper piecing...and with that.. I fell in love.

I've met a few people who have no time and patience for this. They have started.. and stopped. But me.. I am in love.. I am about 1/6 of my projected 122 blocks along. I'm already planning on purchasing a wool batting..I'm scouring the internet to see how others have quilted theirs.. If Pies & Tarts quilts had calories.. I would be morbidly obese.

I can't stop thinking about them.. collecting for them..sigh.... aren't they the cutest?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My valentines gift....

My sudo step daughter and mother in law don't live anywhere near me at the moment. I miss them both terribly at any holiday as I love making things and decorating with them both. To make myself feel better I am mailing valentine things to them.

I've made valentines aprons for them both...

so they can make heart shaped cookies with their new cutters...

and decorate them with their heart shaped sprinkles...

and clean up with their valentine napkins whilst reading their cards...

and wearing their new valentine pins....

Off to the post office tomorrow!!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Costumes!! Chicken and Canadian...

There's quite a few things I've been up to this past week.. but not enough time to take pictures of them all and blog...

Here's a list of things I've done.

2 aprons complete with ruffles
2 loaves of banana bread
4 dozen cookies
1 cheesecake
2 kanzashi flowers
1 dress
3 blocks for my Pies and Tarts quilt
helped my mom with her quilt

I feel like there's more.. but between that and 40 hours of work *barf* it's been a long week.

At work we are having fabric frenzy month. Each day with a different theme. Friday was dress your pet up day so I got to dress up Bobo and bring him with us. It was AWESOME!! There is something super hilarious belly roaring FUNNY about dogs in costumes.

You can see on a scale of one to ten he is a ten in cuteness and pissed offness.

Last night was a "Canadiana" themed party. I struggled to figure out what to wear. I ended up finding a 2XXL Mens plaid button up top and after searching the web for tutorials and inspiration came up with just taking off the sleves... adding a few darts.. and TA-freakin-DA lumberjack dress.

I am thrilled to pieces with it and wore all day today too! New favorite dress!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Fiesta plate pumpkin pie.

I'm so in love with my fiestaware. I bought a new pie plate this month with my gift certificates from Christmas.

So pretty.... and it makes pretty good pie too!!