Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Snow Day

Last night was rainy.. this morning my cell phone went off and my boss asked if I had looked out the window.. which I hadn't.. and proceeded to let a nice big profanity escape my mouth as I opened the window to this..

REALLY?!?!?! Snowed in?? Here ?? In Victoria?? This is like more rare than how my mom likes her steak.

My and my man walked up to the store which seemed more like a trek.

My birthday is fast approaching on Saturday and I have been busy prepping things for the party. My plan is to have all my fire spinning buddies and myself do some spinning in the backyard. I decided snow or not we are going to do it. But it's nice to have light in which to see before you start burning away. Up out of the basement came the mason jars, wire and tea lights.

I went and put them out tonight as a test.. They look beautiful!! My camera doesn't take dark photos well... and well.. I really couldn't be bothered messing with the settings. You understand.. it's cold!

Well I didn't get much done today other than watch ALOT of Boston Legal and some snow shoveling.. Maybe I'll get one more off tomorrow.. I will HAVE to do some crafty stuff if I am. Stay tuned...

Sunday, 20 February 2011

I love your guts.

I caught the wave of the flunami this week.. so I've been in a little ball of snot and fevers. So I managed to finish one thing where I could just sit and veg out and watch an entire season of Boston legal. (I love you Alan Shore)

Back in highschool me and my best friend used to alternate who would bring a box of tissues to school. During allergy season we both were total snot sisters. We used to make our own hankies. For valentines I found a pattern from sublime stitches and decided to embroider it onto a hankie for her!

I still have more hankies!! I thought maybe a heart with a banner on it that says forever snotty.. lol.

ahh.... right.. I got a quilt to make

*wanders off in her half sick delerium*

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Chinese Lantern Quilt

Have you ever fantasized of working with fabric everyday?? Well I'm one of the lucky ones! Every day I walk through the shelves and fantasize about the millions of projects I can get done.. in reality very few make it to the drawing board. This one however made it!

Across from my work is China town. A few years ago they put up red lanterns that are strung across the streets standing out proud in all their glourious gold and red glory and at night they light up.

I love it when it's windy and to watch they beautiful lanterns tossing in the wind.. and a month ago I had a vision.. and this is what it became..

It taught me alot about free motion stitching and using different metallic threads. There was so much to learn.

I envision turning this pattern into a bed spread with two lines of lanterns at the bottom...

Well at least I got it out.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hand dyed wool... yum

I finished this beauty off last week for work. Have you ever worked with hand dyed wool? No? Neither had I.. and I would buy more in a heart beat. It feels just as you would imagine. Working also with the valdani thread was just a match made in heaven. I want to make more.

The wool was super soft and the needle just begged to be sewn.

I was really surprised JUST how fast it went.

Please check out her website, even if it just to tease yourself.


Monday, 14 February 2011

And this is what he gave me!!!!

I was so stoked this morning to find this in the kitchen. He knows I've wanted one for ages. A few days ago our large lamp bulb went ka-put and I took it off and said we need a new one.. and how cool would it be if this was a vase..

Well... isn't that sweet???

Sunday, 13 February 2011

My train ticket valentines pillow.... awwww....

Inspired by a pillow I saw on cutoutandkeep I decided to make a pillow for my dahling for Valentines day.

I used the train ticket from the day that we met..which incidently is 6 months to the day of Valentines day... So officially 4 1/2 years tomorrow.

I scanned the ticket...

Put it into photo shop and changed the colour and printed it out onto printable cotton...

Chopped it up and used some black Kona cotton to piece around it...

Sewed it all together...

And gave it to him today. It's so fun!! I love it!!

I'm using it to enter into the Bloggers pillow party.

Blogger's Pillow Party

SO many amazing pillows you should really go look.

Wish me luck!! and Happy valentines day!