Monday, 28 March 2011

Why am I sew excited?

Have you ever started a project and been so deliriously happy and enthusiastic about making it that you drop EVERYthing you should be doing? Sure I got bills to pay.. but I might even call in sick JUST to do more... Jebus... I can't stop.

Oh yes.. I am at it again. Finally perfected my Union Jack quilt block pattern. I have now made 6 blocks and each one is going faster and easier. No more crazy bang my head into a wall and crying over another wasted metre of fabric.

I'm not sure this one fits in.. but maybe I'll have to make two quilts since this one is supposed to be for my sudo-step daughter. She's gonna bust a brain cells or two when she sees this me thinks.

But I love the fabrics!! and How it's turning out.. each block is 22 inchs by about 14.. so it's gonna be a good sized one.

YAYNESS!!!! Ok.. now that mystery quilts REALLY REALLY needs to be worked on.. maybe just one more union jack block... just one more..

Friday, 18 March 2011

Make a Sunglass case - tutorial

I recently surrendered my old case due to it's massive bulky size and wanted something fun, funky and different. After scouring the Internet for some interesting photos I picked one out and printed it onto EQ printable cotton sheets set to print at 5"x7" and printed two onto the same sheet.

I then cut them out and sewing using a scant 1/4 inch seam. (a seam allowance that's just a thread or two less than a quarter-inch.) Leave one side open. You'll end up with a "pocket".

Next I measured my "pocket", then added 1/2inch to these dimensions and cut out a piece of batting and lining fabric.

At this point I took my magnet snaps...

and cut holes approx 3/4 down from the top in the center where the opening will be and made two holes for the snaps to go through.

Inserted the snaps one on each side with the reinforcers that come with them.

Then sewed the side seams of the lining and then to the "lip" or opening of the case. MAKE sure you leave the bottom of the lining open or you won't be able to get it all right side out.

Slip stitched the opening and... TA-DA

I just printed off this picture....

Can't wait to make this one!

Monday, 14 March 2011

HOLY crap.. I did it.. Union Jack quilt block!

Wow.. I could like.. cry. When was it?? May last year when I first attempted this. I tried paper piecing, I tried sewing triangles and strips.. I tried EVERYTHING.

Well.. Let me tell you... this last week and a half alone I have F*&^ED up four.. COUNT em FOUR!

Here are a list of various reasons WHY you should never try something you've never done before if you are any of the following.

1) It's past 11pm ( remember no quilting or life decisions after 11pm)
2) You are hungry
3) You are drinking
4) You are on your period
5) You are on your period and do not have chocolate
6) You are drunk and hungry and on your period past 11pm
7) You are tired
8) You're not on your period but are acting like a irrational monster anyways

Well tonight NONE of the above applied. I took my flag pattern and re wrote the whole thing, I made it bigger.. then smaller.. and I sat in bed and drew out the widths... then I napped, BOY did that help.

I ate my left over cake pops from the weekend.

Holy wow.

I went and sewed something COMPLETELY different.. I new sunglasses case!! ( OHHHH SHINY.... what was I doing again? Oh yes.. Union Jack block)

(Fun eh? I printed onto cotton some rad picture.... I'll post a tutorial later this week.)

Then I cut my fabric

PRAYED to the quilting gods.

And begun....and then... hour or two later... I placed my 4 squares on the table and started to well up... OMG... I FRACKED it AGAIN? How???? I was so careful!!

See how the top block is totally not lined up???

I nibbled on some tortilla chips and and nearly smacked myself into the table....

AAaaaaannnnnd rotate 180 degrees...

Ahh better...

Finally I came down into the kitchen and did a victory lap around the kitchen table screaming at the top of lungs disturbing the Man and the Bobo deeply. Who cares? I'm giddy!!!! I did it!!! I can't wait to do more now!!! yay yay yay yay yay!!!! RAWR!!! Foook ya I rule.

And one day... in the distant future I'll make it into a pattern.. I promise.. just.. might take me another 10 months. la la la.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Make your own fabric flower pots!

As usual I was bumbling around the store the other day putting away fabric mindlessly when I had one of those Eureka moments. I found myself holding the roll of PUL fabric we had ordered in for diaper making. It really hasn't taken off which is a shame. I think making diapers SEEMS like alot of work. So my brain was pondering what ELSE can be made out of this? And suddenly.. OH! Of course!

I decided to use a cute fabric on the outside and use the PUL as a liner. The neat thing about this fabric (or not so neat actually.. considering the environment) is it doesn't break down so it will hold up.

I did sew the seams on the inside and it does leak a little, hence the succulent, so next time I'm going to buy some waterproofing strips either from the hardware store or from Mountain Equipment Co-op to seal the seams.

Think about it! You could colour coordinate your pots with your rooms!!!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Its my birthday!!

Well..LAST Saturday was my birthday. Not just any birthday the big 30. Good bye 20's! It was lovely!! This birthday has had me kicking and screaming all the way. I don't feel good about it.. but now I'm here.. I'm here I guess. BAH! What a head kicker.. I never imagined myself at 30..

I decided to have a party however. Anyone with a last name from A-M brought tapas and the later brought desserts. I decorated the house up, even got a tank of helium!

Plenty of amazing food from my friends including some AWESOME cupcakes and butter chicken.

My birthday cake..this seems to be a running theme amongst my friends.. we're all getting dirty...well at least something that rhymes with dirty.

I was FULLY spoilt rotten. Garlick and Hiltz made me new monkey fists! My other friend gave me a set of juggling clubs as well. Can you tell what my other passion is? No it's not being a clown.. although some would argue that...

After we all stuffed our faces with food we all went out back and several of us did a nice fire show.

It was really a magical birthday in fact it was the best birthday party I have ever had.. I think it even beat Chucky cheese's.

Has anyone else struggled with the dirty thirty??