Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Union Jack pattern for sale!

Yes I finally did it I made my first modern quilt pattern and it's for sale on etsy.. I pushed the button but not before having a few panic attacks. *fingers crossed* I am so excited to have this done after almost exactly a year of messing about with this pattern. It's such a wonderful amazing feeling to have completed this. Friends and family and Mr.Aftercraft have been wonder supporters all through this mad crazy process. Ive been allowed to take over entire rooms, drag people around to look at fabrics, had people put up with me TALKing about it, staying up till 3am sewing like demon and then having meltdowns because I messed something up.. yes at last!

AND I decided to post my tsumami kanzashi pattern which I printed earlier this year with AWESOME perfect clear photos. It's been selling really well in the paper version so I thought I'd try my hand on etsy.

wish me luck!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Toliet roll holder. Will you be converted?

At some point I was helping my mother pack up her sewing machine one day and noticed some rubbish lying about to which being the responsible daughter ( well I was feeling like it that day ) started to clean up. The usual was scattered about, scraps of fabric, threads and some toliet rolls???? As I skillfilly aimed at the bin my mother shrieked out from across the room. "Don't you DARE"

Uhhhh... what?

She walked over and took the toliet roll off my hands and snatched up her sewing machine cord and stuffed it inside and I had one of those "ah-ha!" moments that I'd like to share with you.... however to distinguish it from the rest of my rolls ( I have allergies ok!) I decided to make it pretty.

Take your roll fabric and some good old fashioned 606 fusible spray and tada pretty little holder.

Yes no? will you be converted?? It works for EVERYTHING!! I have them for my iron and all my sewing machines now. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Simply simple quilt

Ever had a project that you really wanted to finish but it just BORED you to tears? This one was almost like that.
I LOVE the colours.. I love the person I am making it for.. I love the simplicity of it.. but I did not love sewing line.. after line..

I mean it looks cool..

I'm happy with the appliqué. 

and the backing is divine soft minkee in yellow... yummm...

Mmmm babies.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New to me Amy Butler seat covers!!!

How beautiful are these???

Ok so I had this bright idea about a month ago about recovering my kitchen chairs.. they have seen better days.

Yuk much? They've put up with hours of my ass sitting on them sewing away.. and occasionally eating there too. I picked up some home decor weight Amy Butler fabric some time ago and took out the screws and... well couldn't find my bleedin' staple gun. So what do I do? Do I put the screws back on??? Nooo.. of course not. That would be organized and clever. Every time I have sat at my sewing chair for WEEKS and weeks I have nearly fallen off and had to readjust so the un-bolted seat doesn't fly out from under my dairy-air.

This beautiful long weekend I .tracked down one of my staple guns ( yes I said one of... ) and tried to start stapling the fabric down but the wood is SO tough I decided to go for good old fashioned upholstery nails.
So there I am sitting on the kitchen floor pounding away with my hammer and this tiny *#&$ nail.. and then it hit me like a brick wall..

Why do this??

when I have access to this????


I zipped those bad boys up in no time. DAMN I need one of those, 

I'm now thinking of spray painting them.. but what colour?!?

Monday, 23 May 2011

Tablecloth to scarf

Hello spring and hello sunburn!! Went out to watch the parade and whoooops. No sunscreen. la la la..

One day I went to my hair appointment only to find out I had come a week early! A whole hair overhaul was due and I was sad  pissed I had screwed up the date..so to make myself feel better I did what most people in this situation would do.. SHOP. My shopping score was a awesome scarf on sale. I fell right in love with the textures and have been slowly wearing it out.

If you haven't noticed lace seems to be totally in and I have to say I am loving it! Lace and dollies yum?? Did I actually say that? During a VV boutique ( Value Village ) hunt my BBF and I tracked down a few old table cloths and some random beautiful cream silk.

Also I went to the local fine clothing fabric store Gala and picked up some lace for like 1.80/meter which I sewed off the side and let some lace hanging down for draping effect.
I cut out part of the lace table cloth I had leaving the existing ruffle intact.

Normally I would had used pom poms or maybe used felt roving, but since I was far too impatient I pulled out some batting that I had lying around and cut out squares and long triangles. I rolled the triangles and put them INSIDE the square and pinched the end to create my own balls.

Taking topstiching thread ( since it's so strong ) I cut a few lengths and popped the balls through one side and tied it from the other. I did a few rows of these. Placing them about 2 inchs apart.

I serged the silk and the table cloth strip together and ...tada... I'm love it! I'm going to add more balls, but I think I'll actually track down some pom poms.. I want them all to be more even. Oh yeah and when I was sewing I thought pins would run the silk and/or wouldn't hold properly, so I used clothes pins to hold my layers together.

I'm super thrilled with the result and will have to restrain from going back for more tableclothes! Oh yes..they won't be safe from me!! mah ha ha ha.

Friday, 20 May 2011

I'd rather be sewing...

I'm in sewing mode... I have a baby blanket I want to finish... BUT instead I have two birthdays to attend tonight..my brain is somewhere locked in thinking about working with this Minkee fabric and attaching it to my quilt top which was finished last night. It's not big bit "bright light" me decided quilting it every 1/4 inch would look rad.. where in fact this was possibly the most bored I have ever been quilting something.

Sew line.. cut threads...Sew line.. cut threads...

Sew line.. cut threads...

Sew line.. cut threads...

Do you ever feel like ditching JUST so you can finish a project?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Fit for a queen.. the "Jack" is finished.

Last weekend after a hairy busy month I sat down and finished off the border, binding and quilting...snuck over to the neighbours yard while they are out in Europe.

Spring has finally arrived and the colours of the yard seemed to be caught in the quilt..
The big open sky just seemed so inviting.


The Union Jack is made up of three different crosses. The St.Andrew's, St.Patricks and St.George's.
This quilt was inspired by my sudo-step daughter who is English. I decided to quilt the St.Georges's flag (England's flag) as you can see from the back.

It also has bits of front of the quilt in likkle tiny squares....

I think spring has arrived!!

Bobo had a GREAT time exploring this new yard and ran himself in circles for until I thought his heart was going to beat out of his chest... I turned on the garden hose and just had a rush.. that maybe summer is JUST around the corner.. maybe??

I'm almost done the pattern writing... it's more of an undertaking than I thought.. stayed tuned!!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Evidence of mad sewing gods.

Currently I have 3 quilts on the go.. and numerous other little projects on the go. Maybe too much? So that quilting gods have had a little chuckle slow me down. Even if only for a moment. Most of you know I have been trotting along with my quilt.. only to be side tracked by a circus this month, if you have facebook you can watch the video here. Anyways so tonight I was finishing the binding and this happens.....

Like seriously? Barely a fingers width short. Luckily I had an extra strip but I was having a fit as the same thing happened to my on christmas morning this year when finishing off my brothers quilt.

Bah. I sewed a 2 inch strip on. Tomorrow I will finish the binding.. so close.. I can taste it.