Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Queen Sized Log Cabin Pattern FREE!!!!

This is the third "real" quilt I had ever made. It was for a long time friend of mine who was getting married. My co-worker had talked me into making it and I clearly remember sitting on the floor surrounded by blocks and wonder what the f%^k was I doing???? It was a monster huge quilt, but it came together pretty easily and is to this day one of my favorite quilts. My co-worker helped draft up a pattern for me and I have since made a few alterations and "drew" out some pictures for the beginner. It's a great bed quilt and I love log cabin because you can make it look SOOOO many different ways.

So.. Here's me giving back to the world information I have learned. I am ever grateful to the people who have helped me in my crafty life ( and real life ) thus far.




Center Fabric .40 Meter ( 5 strips )

1 and 2 0.6 Meter (12 strips) Light A

3 and 4 0.7 Meter (13 strips) Light B

5 and 6 1.15 Meter ( 23 strips) Med A

7 and 8 1.30 Meter ( 26 Strips) Med B

9 and 10 1.45 Meter ( 28 Strips) Dark A

11 and 12 1.80 Meter ( 36 Strips) Dark B

Accent border *OPTIONAL* –cut 1 ½ inch 0.46 meter (10 strips)

Border and binding ( if matching ) - 2.5 meters

These measurements give you more then enough
 Cutting Instructions:

Center Fabric cut 3 inch strips then sub cut into squares

Accent Border Cut 10 of 1 ½ inch strips

Border Fabric Cut 10 of 6 ½ inch strips

The follow cut 2 inch strips:

12 strips of Light A

13 strips of Light B

23 strips of Med. A

26 strips of Med B

28 strips of Dark A

36 strips of Dark B

1.) Take 3 inch strip and sub cut into 3 inch squares.

2.) Take fabric “Light A” and place right side up. With right sides together place a 3 inch square near the end of the strip and sew your square, continue sewing on square until you reach with the of your strip ensuring that you leave space between each square so you can cut them apart.

3.) Sew ALL 48 squares.

Iron your strip away from the center.

Using your ruler square up your strip using your seam as your guide.

Log Cabin Rule **


This means that the LAST fabric you sewed is the FIRST when you are sewing on the next strip. Notice in Step 4 how the LAST strip you sew on in Step 3 is your FIRST strip in.

4.)Using another Light A strip sew right sides together starting near the end of the strip. Again leave space between each block to ensure you can cut them apart.

 Sew all 48 blocks. Cut each block apart. Press seams towards the other two strips and square up.

5) Take a strip of Light B side up and place your block right side down. Sew leaving space again in between each block. Sew all blocks. Press seam towards center and square up.

6.) Take another strip of Light B and repeat. You should have something that looks likes this.

Starting to look like a log cabin!!

Continue this with each strip using the Log Cabin Rule **

Continue to do this until all strips have been sewn on. Once finished square off your blocks so the measure 12 inches (once you sew all your blocks together your block is 11 ½ inch )

Now the fun part. Lay out your blocks. There are so many patterns that this just might be the hardest part!

The one I used for this pattern is called “Raising the Barn” in a 6 blocks wide by 8 blocks long.

Once you’ve decided what pattern sew your horizontal blocks into rows. You will have 8 rows of 6. Then start sewing your rows together.

At this point if you’ve decided to use an accent border sew two strips together. Do this so you have two double length strips and measure down the middle of your quilt lengthwise.Cut and sew the sides on. Measure again the middle from side to side and cut your strips then sew.

Personally I find that placing your first strip down so it’s trailing to your left and then placing your next strip right sides together trailing towards you then sewing from the upper left corner to the lower right is the best way to connect borders and pieces when you don’t want to draw attention to borders.

In the same manner piece your borders, measure down the middle, cut and sew completing your top and bottom first then side to side. 


Friday, 12 August 2011

This makes me excited!!!

Isn't it beautiful? My darling southern bell Jen who I met during my "stint" in England is making my quilt and she blogged and sent me photos of her first block.

ISN'T it totally beautiful?? LOVE LOVE love your colours Jen! I can't wait to watch this grow.

My million Dollar idea....

Yup, I could make MIIILLLIONS off this.. well maybe a few hundred..but I want to share it with you. If you are anything like me and like big bags you will marvel at this. Mr.Aftercraft often refers to my bags as "luggage". I like em big.. big enough to lose my keys, wallet, small children and my phone in ALL the time. (ok not small children but it's pretty bad) Although I have learned to use my cell phone pocket,  my keys often elude me. So a few weeks ago standing outside my car in the rain having a total melt down I got into my car and asked myself... how can I  make this easier??? and it came to me... a key chain... no... not like a las vegas gansta one... like a REAL CHAIN.
I introduce.. Rara-chains!

Never again will you stand out in the rain, the dark, in the cold or slightly drunk outside your door again searching for your keys!!  Now you can also add bling to your bag and never lose your keys because they are  attached!

And when you want to leave your purse at home.. fear not! rock out that old school style with a modern twist..

BUT WAIT! what if you need access to your hands AND your keys easily?.... simple! Clip it to the other side...

AND VOILA! instant necklace. I'm totally in love.. and wonder why I haven't seen these before or why haven't I made one before. WINNING!

You want one don't you?? Tell me I'm not crazy and this is a good idea!!!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I love Pies and Tarts!!!

Sooo cute. 

This weekend I ran away north into the Cowichan Valley to the Lake... It was a beautiful HOT weekend and spent hours happily sewing in sun with my feet dangling in the water.

i love the bright inside of the boat.

I finally got a few more pies and tarts done for my quilt! Oh I think I still have ONE more year left of this... GULP.

And this little guy showed up... weird looking isn't he?? Have you ever seen a bug like this before?
crazy looking bug!

AND the most exciting thing is....

Destiny's Child

NEW MACHINE!!!! First one in 20 years!! I can't believe it!! I have a needle up and down position.. no longer will I use my ninja foot petal skills!!! Rest in Peace Jalopy.. I loved you.

*working on secret project #2 tomorrow... wheeeeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Scrap = more scrap quilts

Do you look at your scrap pile and just shake your head?

 I used to sub cut the "end" of my fabrics into 2.5 and 5 inch strips... and then last year I made myself a scrap log cabin quilt. This was great I used up SO much.. but I also had to accumulate more lights.. and then over the last year I still continued to build up a bigger and better stash which of course equals a bigger and better scrap pile... and now... well now after a tidy up and thanks to the miracle of zip-lock baggies I have this:
My scrap basket all colour coded

This is even AFTER I have been working away on my Pie and Tarts Quilt by Sue Daley. I've been working on it for a while and it will be a year this fall.. but I am tackling one pie at a time... Like my "Pie" box?? ha ha.. get it?

That's a pizza pie!!

I thought I'd share my favorite tools for my english paper piecing (EPP)

Fons and Porter makes a AWESOME glue stick. I like it for three reasons.

1) it's got a great small tip for "basting" your paper pieces.
2) The blue tint lets me see where I've glued
3) it's got refills so it's cheaper to get more AND I'm not throwing away plastic.
more paper piecing.. I am addicted!!!

Foxglove makes these great straw needles and I have totally fallen in love with them. They are great and just cut throw my fabric like butter doing EPP.
using glue allows you to reuse your paper.

and of course my new favorite hand sewing thread by YLI it's egyptian cotton and it's one strand and feels great to sew with. I've been curious about trying some silk though.

Do you have favorite tools for hand sewing and EPP to recommend?