Monday, 24 October 2011

Adorable halloween project!

Just a quick post.. if you don't already you simply must check out this website.. because look at what you can make!!!

Happy halloween!!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Excuse me I misplaced my summer...

Have you seen it? where did it go?!? I've been hitting the whole work thing hard and blinked and am suddenly panicking because christmas seems FAR too close. The past few weeks seem to have been eaten up with a Cabin outting and thanksgiving.

Belated Thanksgiving Canadian folks.

I baked pies... lotsa and lotsa pies.

Oh and cheesecake....

And tried bagels for the first time using this really great recipe. How yummy do they look??

The best thing? It was like a three pot mess. One bowl for my yeast and sugar.. one for my mixing and a pot of boiling water... oh and my pan.. but seriously? Little to no effort it felt like ( Of course I couldn't do it without my trusty kitchen aid.. whom I should give a  name...)

Spent the weekend at my friends cabin. Here are a few snap shots.

A fine collection of whirly gigs!!!

first fish of the day.

Quilt in the making!

View from my sewing machine...*sigh*

Well we might be heading out to the cabin for a final cabin retreat again... MIGHT. We will know tomorrow if we will be sitting in a hot tub lakeside by mid-afternoon...i really want to finish my scrap quilt! It's been a blast.

I realized I take LONGER to pack my sewing supplies then my clothes for my vacations... is this crazy?