Thursday, 9 February 2012

Two hearts are better than one....

Valentines day... does it suck or not? Now I'm not complaining... ok maybe a little...but it's not a big thing in this house for a few reasons. One growing up my mom's bday is Valentines day so it has always been about her.. (seriously not complaining) and through my dating years I always end up with guys who really.. well aren't into it. Mr.Aftercraft thinks that everyday is Valentines day.... I should remind him of that when i want him to do the dishes next.... hmmm..

I've wanted to make these earrings for ages. Last year I got half way through and abandoned because I didn't have the right thread, but I did it this year AND in time for Valentines.

You'll need to gather a few supplies.
Chain ( depends on how long you want them )
shepherds hooks
embroidery floss

I cut out a heart from a piece of paper to make a template

I traced and cut out four hearts

Took a length of embroidery floss and used 3 of it's stands and sewed a running stitch around the heart and stuffed a little filling inside of it before I finished it off.

Added a jump ring to my chain and matched it to my shepherds hook.

Then I sewed my heart to the other end of the chain.

And voila! Valentines earring!!!

And of course two hearts are better than one!

I love them...

And they kinda match my "valentines" hair..

and nose... phew sneezed up a storm today!

What are you making for Valentines? Is it big in your house?


  1. Nope Valentines Day is not a bigger- been married too long I guess. How is the job going? The new S.Moon looks good Hope all is well jan

  2. I love Valentines, but Husbee (my husband) thinks its a just way for companies to fleece more money out of him (such a romantic, that he is (not). Wanted to do a nice meal with crafty trimmings surrounding us, but it just didn't happen. Oh well maybe next year.