Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Crash....

Just winding down.. waiting for my Mom to get off the phone so I can call her and wish her Happy Birthday..

Just recovering from the Valentines sugar crash...and my baking crazyness last night. Here's a timeline avec dialogue.

630PM Sushi is picked up eaten and demolished.

Me  "Baking Time!!!!"
Boyfriend    " What are you baking for?"
Me "Uh Duh Valentines Day I'm going to make cookies and cake pops"
Boyfriend   *insert stare* "...sounds... like alot you really shouldn't do that much"
Me"    Bah! it'll be great!"


Boyfriend   " How goes the baking?"
Me " It's great! I'm having so much fun!


Boyfriend "Smells good in here, how much more have you got?"
Me " uhm.. well.. the cake pops are almost ready to dip but I have these three batches of cookies left to bake and decorate first...but this is cool the royal icing is really fun.. I'm having fun.. yup.. fun."


Boyfriend "this is your last batch right?
Me "uh yeah.. then the decorating.. this is.. still fun"


Boyfriend " You should stop now... this is insane"
Me " No no no, really.. I'm.. F*$king cookies are burning.. S*&T!! ... still..fun......"


Boyfriend enters kitchen and just stares at the flour mess dazed looking girl in the kitchen with icing smeared down her face and front.

Me "Can I just leave these dishes?" *not delivered with enough suffering*

Boyfriend looks at the titanic sized mound of dishes and icing everywhere.


Well I got to bed around 1220AM ... he did let me leave some in exchange for some cookies.

but of course.. this morning...WHAT do I do?

Well of course I decide to drill a piece of wood for my cake pops of course in 8 mins right before my bus. Worked like a charm though!
Just was a little...saw-dusty for my bus ride.

The royal icing turned out well.. and for my second crack at cake pops they went really well!

There were gone in less than 2 hours... the cookies didn't get to see the end of the day.

Well I'm off to go sleep off my sugar crash.

Hope you had a good one!

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