Monday, 12 March 2012

Cherry Blossom Cookies!

This week has FINALLY felt like a glimmer of hope. The sun is starting to feel warm., snow drops are out.. and of course in Victoria .. the famous cherry blossoms are lining the street again in all their pink and white glory. I love them so much I had them tattooed on me!

I stumbled across some AMAZING cookies on decorated cookie and saw her cherry blossom cookies and ran straight to the store.

I purchased blue fondant and colouring gels, whipped up a batch of my favorite shortbread recipes and got decorating.

didn't they turn out beautiful?? They tasted just as good.

Next time I'll have to remember to buy the pink since I thought watering down the gel would work... and it doesn't.

They still look good though eh?

Happy Spring!


  1. Between the snow yesterday and the wind today, I wish it actually felt like spring out there!!! BRRR!!! Those cookies sure would help though ;) So gorgeous!!!

  2. tease! Where's the picture of the tattoo?

    The cookies look good though.