Monday, 26 March 2012

Earring picture frame holder hanger... thing. and tutorial!

There is this awesome little shop downtown that has ALL these amazing wooden frames. SO naturally I had to buy one... and decided to update my earring holder. ( yeah.. earring holder)

Any excuse to use an old awesome frame.. when I walked into the shop it was love at first sight.

You just need a few tools.

You'll need:
Staple Gun

And of course... a frame.

This beauty of a frame only cost 10 bucks!

You can see there is a small lip. I decided to staple on in inside edge where my finger is pointing.

And this screening is availble at any hardware store for screens. (duh)

Pull your screen and staple along that the edge so its nice and tight.

Find your center and attach your hanging hardware.

How wasy was that? Now just place on the wall and start putting up your earrings and admire your work of art!

PS my friend Phaedra made these earrings and I've got them listed in my etsy shop, Just sayin!

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