Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A smile, Bedside and my Neighbour hood

More from the instagram daily challenge.
My bedside table is quite honestly, a bit of a mess at times.. and I may.. not may not have.. cleaned it up just a little.. for this photos. Just maybe....

#marchphotoaday Bedside

OK although this wasn't my original entry for the day, I now herby retrack my original photo and would like to post this one as my neighbourhood. Every Saturday I go down to the water with Mr.Aftercraft and slurp coffee and walk Bobo watching the waves.. listening to tunes and I like to get some handsewing done. This is the view..just a few blocks away.
#marchphotoaday Your neighbourhood

Whilst running around to several hardware stores on the weekend, Bobo never lets an opportunity slip to go for a caride.  Just once glance and I'm in giggles. I love my dog.

#marchphotoaday SMILE

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