Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stop being a bully!

It's stop bullying today.

I have the chance a few weeks ago. There was a boy with his headphones on listening and swaying to the music.. trying out a few steps, blissfully unaware of the world around him.

Enter three boys about the same age..pants hanging off their asses, hats on sideways.. if you were from 50 years ago you'd be convinced that they didn't know how to dress themselves and were mentally unfit idiots.

They walked up to him and I watched as they started conversing.. it was clear quickly they didn't know each other. The boys face fell.. the three others laughed as they pointed at him and mimicked him.

My belly burned as did my cheeks. I removed my headphones and walked over right inbetween the boy and the three others.

I paused an looked at their feet and shook me head and looked them all in the eye....

"How the F#%K can you give him crap about dancing when you three can't even tie your shoelaces?!"

*complete silence*

One guy started giggleing.. he was the only one with shoelaces done up.

One made a comment about how "real" thugs don't dance they lean back... which I reminded him that he was 1) white and 2) from Victoria... that's two strikes. Word.

I felt good about it. They boy was laughing as he got on the bus clearly in better spirits.

Although I had moments of being bullied I've been pretty lucky over all but I know alot of people who weren't.. and it doesn't even stop after you're a kid! It happens even in adulthood.

Halo spinning.. CHECK out this site here for more information for Pink shirt day!

Have you ever stopped a bully?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Crash....

Just winding down.. waiting for my Mom to get off the phone so I can call her and wish her Happy Birthday..

Just recovering from the Valentines sugar crash...and my baking crazyness last night. Here's a timeline avec dialogue.

630PM Sushi is picked up eaten and demolished.

Me  "Baking Time!!!!"
Boyfriend    " What are you baking for?"
Me "Uh Duh Valentines Day I'm going to make cookies and cake pops"
Boyfriend   *insert stare* "...sounds... like alot you really shouldn't do that much"
Me"    Bah! it'll be great!"


Boyfriend   " How goes the baking?"
Me " It's great! I'm having so much fun!


Boyfriend "Smells good in here, how much more have you got?"
Me " uhm.. well.. the cake pops are almost ready to dip but I have these three batches of cookies left to bake and decorate first...but this is cool the royal icing is really fun.. I'm having fun.. yup.. fun."


Boyfriend "this is your last batch right?
Me "uh yeah.. then the decorating.. this is.. still fun"


Boyfriend " You should stop now... this is insane"
Me " No no no, really.. I'm.. F*$king cookies are burning.. S*&T!! ..."


Boyfriend enters kitchen and just stares at the flour mess dazed looking girl in the kitchen with icing smeared down her face and front.

Me "Can I just leave these dishes?" *not delivered with enough suffering*

Boyfriend looks at the titanic sized mound of dishes and icing everywhere.


Well I got to bed around 1220AM ... he did let me leave some in exchange for some cookies.

but of course.. this morning...WHAT do I do?

Well of course I decide to drill a piece of wood for my cake pops of course in 8 mins right before my bus. Worked like a charm though!
Just was a little...saw-dusty for my bus ride.

The royal icing turned out well.. and for my second crack at cake pops they went really well!

There were gone in less than 2 hours... the cookies didn't get to see the end of the day.

Well I'm off to go sleep off my sugar crash.

Hope you had a good one!

Tickled pink for Valentines!

I'm super thrilled to be a part of the Modern Quilt Guild  "100 days of Modern Quilting". They are running a fabulous series that is 14 weeks long. Each week they are exploring different quilt themes along with a weekly tutorial. It's a plethora of information and inspiration. Seriously.. GO check it out.

Today they featuring my Union Jack quilt. If you haven't heard me pap on about it enough well here's your chance to hear some more!
Jane Sassaman meets Heather Ross
On a quick side note this baby is finally going to be flying across the world in about a month to its rightful owner so she can love it to death or do whatever she wants. I designed it for my pseudo step daughter who is the an inspiring amazing 12 year old.

Because her and her father are big Union Jack flag lovers I decided to make one just for her. I'd dabbled before in some thread drawing for her Dad on a quilt, but this one.. I wanted the whole deal... WITH NO PAPER PIECING. I have a fear of it. Ok it's just not mastered quite yet. One day perhaps.

Anyways after quite a few failed attempts I got it. It's super easy... each block takes about 45mins to an hour. You can decide how big you want it and I am currently working on a baby sized one in beautiful Moda fabrics.

Anyways thanks MQG for featuring me!

If you want to buy the pattern you can get it here ----> CLICK ME

AND to show my thanks, for the next 7 days I'm going to offer 20% off on my pattern in my etsy shop. Use the coupon code 100DAYS!! 

Have a GREAT Valentines!! and of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I love you!

XO Sarah

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Weekend away...

birth mum, me, birth grandma and granda

If you don't know me, than you might not know that I am adopted and met my birth mom about 10 years ago. We don't see each other as often as one would like but as often as we can.
This weekend we decided to meet up half way. She lives on one end of the island and I live on the other so we decided to meet right in the middle in Parksville.

She booked us in at an organic blueberry farm..sadly it's not blueberry season, however the farm is beautiful.

Complete with a security geese.. this thing will defiantly let you know if there is an intruder on the property.. look at him.. he sure gave me an evil eye. I don't think he liked me.

Even though everything was just saturated in water... it didn't put  damper on my mood.. get it? damper.. erm.. .

I enjoyed it, for even if you stop to look at the raindrops... it gives you a teeny tiny world to look at.

We had the honor of going into a Buddhist temple. So beautiful inside... and you feel instantly peaceful. You can't help it!

The colours are facinating!!!! I just loved it. It sure was inspiring for a quilt or something bright...

Even the ceiling was beautifully painted... every detail taken care of.

We finished off the weekend by a dip in the mineral baths at Tigh-na-mara. I could have stayed all day.

Ahh well back to the grind.

HAPPY Monday. *sigh*

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Two hearts are better than one....

Valentines day... does it suck or not? Now I'm not complaining... ok maybe a little...but it's not a big thing in this house for a few reasons. One growing up my mom's bday is Valentines day so it has always been about her.. (seriously not complaining) and through my dating years I always end up with guys who really.. well aren't into it. Mr.Aftercraft thinks that everyday is Valentines day.... I should remind him of that when i want him to do the dishes next.... hmmm..

I've wanted to make these earrings for ages. Last year I got half way through and abandoned because I didn't have the right thread, but I did it this year AND in time for Valentines.

You'll need to gather a few supplies.
Chain ( depends on how long you want them )
shepherds hooks
embroidery floss

I cut out a heart from a piece of paper to make a template

I traced and cut out four hearts

Took a length of embroidery floss and used 3 of it's stands and sewed a running stitch around the heart and stuffed a little filling inside of it before I finished it off.

Added a jump ring to my chain and matched it to my shepherds hook.

Then I sewed my heart to the other end of the chain.

And voila! Valentines earring!!!

And of course two hearts are better than one!

I love them...

And they kinda match my "valentines" hair..

and nose... phew sneezed up a storm today!

What are you making for Valentines? Is it big in your house?

Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Memoir

cloud from a sad day

Ernest Hemming allegedly was once challenged to write a 6 word story... which was

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

 Gripping innit??

Whislt sipping a warm beer and nibbling on shortbread the other night I was watching the Jimmy Falon show, one of his guests was talking about the 6 word memoir. The challenge was to come up with 6 words that described your whole life. Imagine.. 6 words to sum up who you are and all that you have done.

surprise visitor

Today as I was humming away to the sound of my sewing machine it came to me.. I thought about all the things I've done.. seen.. the people I've known.. If I sat wondering about that for long enough I would need another lifetime since there seems to be soo much to think about.

There have been so many amazing people in my life.

SO much love given and received.
summer chives... mmmm...

More laughs than stars in the sky....

my first time in liverpool

Alot of tears some in happiness others in sadness....

beautiful fountain in manchester

.... defiantly have had things I have had to work for.. and work in general.. ..some more rewarding than others.

my dog. 

Creative spurts which have amazed me, my friends and family.

I still can feel this summer heat... 

My heart bursts when I think of all the "amazing-ness" my life has contained so far.

First New Years in Bolton

So.. my six word memoir.. which shall double as my tombstone inscription. is...

" I lived,played,crafted, loved hard."

What would yours be?