Monday, 26 March 2012

Earring picture frame holder hanger... thing. and tutorial!

There is this awesome little shop downtown that has ALL these amazing wooden frames. SO naturally I had to buy one... and decided to update my earring holder. ( yeah.. earring holder)

Any excuse to use an old awesome frame.. when I walked into the shop it was love at first sight.

You just need a few tools.

You'll need:
Staple Gun

And of course... a frame.

This beauty of a frame only cost 10 bucks!

You can see there is a small lip. I decided to staple on in inside edge where my finger is pointing.

And this screening is availble at any hardware store for screens. (duh)

Pull your screen and staple along that the edge so its nice and tight.

Find your center and attach your hanging hardware.

How wasy was that? Now just place on the wall and start putting up your earrings and admire your work of art!

PS my friend Phaedra made these earrings and I've got them listed in my etsy shop, Just sayin!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Cherry Blossom Cookies!

This week has FINALLY felt like a glimmer of hope. The sun is starting to feel warm., snow drops are out.. and of course in Victoria .. the famous cherry blossoms are lining the street again in all their pink and white glory. I love them so much I had them tattooed on me!

I stumbled across some AMAZING cookies on decorated cookie and saw her cherry blossom cookies and ran straight to the store.

I purchased blue fondant and colouring gels, whipped up a batch of my favorite shortbread recipes and got decorating.

didn't they turn out beautiful?? They tasted just as good.

Next time I'll have to remember to buy the pink since I thought watering down the gel would work... and it doesn't.

They still look good though eh?

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A smile, Bedside and my Neighbour hood

More from the instagram daily challenge.
My bedside table is quite honestly, a bit of a mess at times.. and I may.. not may not have.. cleaned it up just a little.. for this photos. Just maybe....

#marchphotoaday Bedside

OK although this wasn't my original entry for the day, I now herby retrack my original photo and would like to post this one as my neighbourhood. Every Saturday I go down to the water with Mr.Aftercraft and slurp coffee and walk Bobo watching the waves.. listening to tunes and I like to get some handsewing done. This is the view..just a few blocks away.
#marchphotoaday Your neighbourhood

Whilst running around to several hardware stores on the weekend, Bobo never lets an opportunity slip to go for a caride.  Just once glance and I'm in giggles. I love my dog.

#marchphotoaday SMILE

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Galaxy Hair

I've been rocking the red for the past 8 months or so and decided after much consideration to have a re-vamp and have gone back to the purple and pink.

Took out all the blond.. 

It's joico colour which is so vibrant and it lasts forever.

Last time I had it done it was still super bright after 4 months. 

6 months later people were still commenting on it.

Thank you Ashley from Lab!! I heart you and will miss you so much while you are away for 6 months.. Hopefully this will last!

Aaaand that concludes my photo shoot for the day. Thank you and goodnight.

Instagram Photo a Day - Fruit

I almost went bust on this one.. I thought about using an old photo.. but REALLY want to try and take a photo a day this month. 

Found in a cute little knick knack shop right before dinner.

This one was a picture a took last week on my way out the door looking up but I just was messing with filters last night and just FELL in love with the apollo filter on this one.

Isn't it great?????

Friday, 2 March 2012

March photo a day

I have a new love.. actually we've been seeing each other for a while.. and it's called instagram.

If you don't know what it is and have one of these "smart" phones you can download the application and create everyday photos into artsy fartsy works of art.

Along with new and fancy things, come new challenges, contest etc.. and of course I decided to try one.

My photo is the view I have when I walk out my work doors.. it's a beautiful foyer and breathtaking view.

Are you in instagram? If you are let me know! I love snooping!