Monday, 9 April 2012

Bitch Please!

It's been a hell of a month, lots going on.. crazy things happening. Good and bad. One of them.. my friends bday ( Good). Since I've been san computer for the most part and it feels I've just able to keep clean clothes on my body and food in my mouth I haven't been on FB. Which PS if you don't go on there.. life might pass you by. ( Bad )

I missed my friends birthday dinner cuz I didn't log on. pfffffft. ( super bad ) What a 21st century explanation eh?

When I saw a picture of this project I KNEW I had to make it for her. ( good )

It's been years since I've crossed stitched. I grew up with a AVID cross stitcher of a mother who bought me my own kits and put me in embroidery classes. My early memories came back of looking at my cloth and comparing to how fast and nimble her fingers were while I clumsily stabbed my fingers trying to get the needle up in the right spot.

Now 20 years on I zipped through this in a matter of hours while memories came flooding back.. I forgot how much I LOVE to do this. It makes me all nostalgic thinking of my mother in the front seat of our car on long road trips.. me skipping back between my friendship bracelets and a cross stitch project of  dolphins swimming in a ocean against a sunset kit which although now I know she knew I could never complete, bought it for me anyways to tempt me into the embroidery world and pacify her daughter into spending another 20 mins in the store while I wandered, touching every skein of floss with an awe of the array of colours and textures.

Now... I use these skills with love to embroider slightly offensive but funny phrases... two worlds colliding. Memories made with every stitch.

Thanks mom.

*wanders happily to the kitchen for a hot cup of tea*

Oh yeah happy easter biatches.