Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Baby diaper cake

My coworker is due to pop in about five weeks! It's been so exciting watching her baby bump grow. I've been wanting for an excuse to make a diaper cake and I finally got the chance last week!

I used a package of 80 8lb-14lbs and got my stickers on sale at michaels. A friend of mine gave me a rubber ducky and I bought the baby bath lotion one sale for 3 bucks... so maybe it cost me.. 30 bucks? Not bad...
There are a million amazing tutorials online... Bikes.. carridges.. endless.
Got one done... And I think about 2 more to go at the moment. SO many babies right now.

I decided to try and stick to gender neutral since they don't know what they are having... along with the diaper cake I made blue and pink cupcakes and bought cookies from the store... dipped them and piped question marks.. so cute right?

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