Friday, 1 February 2013

Bursting with love Cookies

It's that time of year where women in relationships turn with whist full eyes to their men wondering what they might have up their sleeves for Valentine's Day....whilst men in turn look at their women and think "oh God!! Who invented this stupid holiday??!?!? ". Others like myself turn to the kitchen since really the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and by baking his favorite cookies.

 Last year I saw on a blog these piñata cookies that were in the shape of piñata's with striped cookie dough and inside the cookie once you broke it open had loads of different colored sprinkles, it's as if it was bursting like when you hit it in real life.

It got me thinking how else could you apply this really neat technique? So after some thinking I came up with this bursting with love cookies idea.


First: you want to find your own sugar cookie recipe, mine is not the easiest rollout so you want to find one that you can roll out nice and thin.

Second : You'll need two cookie cutters, one big heart and a smaller one. you can also alternatively use a small circle or any other shape you want as long as you can create a hole inside cookie.

Third: Frosting Glue- I used Wilton's Melting chocolate in a ziplock baggie, but Royal Icing will also work really well. 

Roll your cookie dough as thin as possible approximately a quarter of an inch if possible. Working in sets of three you'll want to cut two Outside cookies and one inside cookie. The inside cookie you want to use the smaller cutter to create a hole, this is where your sprinkles or your hearts are going to go.


Bake your cookies!

To assemble your cookies take your first middle cookie and using your "Frosting glue".. "Glue" around the edges and place onto your outside cookie.


Fill with your favorite sprinkles. I used these adorable hearts which I found at a local baking shop Creating Occasions in Victoria BC.

Frost the other side of your inside cookie and put your top on.

EDIT: Know what would be REALLY COOL?? Putting a personalized message in there... well it might get eaten by accident.. but COULD.. be cool.

Now decorate to your hearts content!!!! I really like using Wilton's melting chocolates because I find it very easy to use and I prefer the taste. Also I find it difficult to screw it up royal icing. :S

Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day.... Whether you enjoy loved one or batch of cookies.

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  1. seriously?! you're amazing. just wow! xo... also, i'll be at the feb. fox fair on the 9th... and will probably get hungry. hahaha xo