Monday, 11 February 2013

Dream Craft Room WIP

I don't know about you but for the last 4 years-ish I spent my days sewing on a round table smaller than the deuce tables at McDonalds... My serger and sewing machines would trade spots under the table and I had a set of old drawers that had knobs missing.. and that some of the drawers did not open on command.

Last fall I moved into my new home... and then last Saturday my dream shelving showed up.

I spent hours just sitting in my room after it had been built staring at all the space.. and marveling just how amazing and lucky I am right now.


I split it up one side for my knitting and on side for sewing. When you move into a new space do you realize how much CRAP YOU HAVE?

Maybe good for a scrap vomit quilt from Imagingermonkey?

I've been throwing out   donating lots of fabric and odds and ends. Finding things that I have forgotten about and keep saying " Oh  yeah that project". It's a constant reminder of my schizocraftia disorder. Somewhere between knitting and sewing you'll find rug making, lamp  making, purses, felted banners, seat belt webbing and an overhead projector. I realized I could do with an intervention.... OR DO I?

Look at these cute yarn cozies I bought? Perfect for when you are on the move and want to throw a yarn cake in your bag.

I have about 6 of them.. I don't know why. I just do.

I still have some more stuff , but as you can see the shelves are filling up at an alarming rate.

Check out these's little diddy's!!!

These suckers I've been looking for for years! They are bed lifts from Bed Bath and Beyond. 5 inch. They are PERFECT for sewing tables to raise it up just that few more inches so you don't wreck your back.
The 7 inch ones were waaaay to big. I felt like a midget next to my table. My 6'4 bear of a man however thought it was perfect... (uuuh not for us 5'7 folk)

Right back to the room. I'm having separation anxiety.


  1. sarah! it's amazing!!! holy cow! it's beautiful!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Enjoy your fabulous looks amazing!!!