Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Simple socks for knitting

Lets see.. What can I tell you about socks?

I successfully finished my third pair which is for Kahuna ( boyfriend ). He's not fussy about socks on a good day. His idea of a good formal outfit if he ruled the world would be shorts, flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt.

I offered to make Kahuna a pair... And he made it clear he wasn't sure if he would wear them, but I said for work they may make for comfy tootsies during this wet cold winter. Last night after much delay... other projects getting in the way..I finished AND reinforced the heels. Which I haven't done before but I think it's a great idea for highly used socks. I watched a super helpful tutorial here from Very Pink Knits. Her YouTube is a go-to whenever I encounter a stranger knitting question. I love how she doesn't edit her mistakes and how crystal clear her videos are. Nothing beats good footage and clear instructions.

Self striping from Everything Old.

I started my first pair about a year ago. The girls from my knitting group and I had head to Vancouver for Fibers West. You can read my friends blogs about all the fun we had here ( there's a pic of my yarn pre-socks)  and here.
We had stopped in at Urban Yarns to cruise their yarnalicious (yeah that's a word now ) selection. I hunkered down with the patterns and pulled this one out.

It's fabulously simple and easy to follow. Literally just knit what you read.. DO NOT think just knit and turning the heel is less scary than say...making that leap to get that pixie cut you've been jonesing about. My original yarn was picked up from Everything Old.

My advice is get a self striping or a variegated for your first pair or two. Hiding ladders is a learning process ( that's the line of knitting up your sock created when connecting the round from needle to needle )

I also went down a size in needle for Kahunas socks, this gives more elasticity in the socks when you put them on.

As you can see Kahuna was happily modelling them for me....

I caught him in the middle of the day today curled up on the couch watching hockey wearing them.... Not bad for someone who doesn't like socks ;)


  1. hurrah! you are on a roll with the socks! also pretty new blog look! xoxoxo

  2. I gotta jump on this sock train :) Great job hun!

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