Monday, 13 January 2014

Block of the month...

Recently here in Victoria BC I've been part of organizing and helping establish the modern quilt guild...

When i say organising ...i'm in fact showing up to meetings and the organizing meetings... providing tea and coffee

... and not even good coffee!!! Actually i'm terrible at making coffee in fact i don't know why they even let me make coffee... But anyways i'm excited to have this happening here in Victoria and for me to be a part of it. I've already noticed that starting something like this will have growing pains and although I'm not able to commit as much time as i would like too its sure been fun to watch it grow and to speculate its potential. ... and of course am excited to at least be bringing tea and terrible coffee and the occasional good batch of cookies.

I'm sitting in my craft room the other night and working on the block of the month and I opened up my drawer of scraps and had that feeling

 " i don't want to use these!!! I had plans for theses.. kinda sorta"

 This is ridiculous... Totally stupid and ridiculous. I don't even want to take picture of the draws of scraps I have... You can see one drawer..... and that is it. 

Do not be deceived, The other drawers DO NOT look this organized. Its like my baking you can only see the pictures of the nice ones which makes me look like a baking goddess. FOOLS.
When I close the drawers I am jamming my fingers and screaming in pain getting my flanges shut in the cracks as I stuff the fabric in praying that the drawers stay closed and I won't have to resort to duct tape to keep them shut...all before anyone can notice how much I have hoarded away....

Oh shiny new project!

it was hard.. but I DID IT. I chose some fabrics.. and cut them up.. and didnt buy anything new.

That my friends is a win.

I'm really excited about using up scraps that I have been hoarding and making something interesting with it. I've done a few scrappy quilts but nothing like this.

If you live in Victoria and like to quilt or are interested in quilting....come on down and check out the modern quilt guild. I'll be there this Thursday cookies and bad coffee in hand!


  1. Glad to hear you are involved in the modern quilt guild.....I hope to make it to a meeting one of these days. We haven't been back to Victoria for the last while.

    1. Well let me know next time you're in town! Its been forever! It'd be great to have you there :)