Saturday, 25 January 2014


I've always had a thing for crows.. as a child growing up in Oak Bay we had three hundred foot poplar trees and one massive oak tree that hundreds occasionally every year would come and congregate in. The noise if you stood in my back yard was deafening and the sight astounding! If it was winter it looked as though the trees were alive with black leaves flapping about in the wind.

I onced saved a baby crow at the age of 12 coming home from school one day. I held that bird and contimplated if I should keep it.. I could teach it to talk and train it to do tricks. But the parent crows were caa-ing from the trees and I could see that this little bird was just learning to fly and its nest was way up in the tree. I climbed the tree as high as I could.. and placed the baby crow back on the farthest branch I could even though I was CERTAIN my eyes were going to be pecked out by these black swooping parents.

aaaaaanyways, Lots of other people like crows and as I was walking to work these past few weeks I've noticed a number hovering over top of the local Floyds Resturant and 7/11.

It reminded me how more I want to play with the whole crow quilt and crow pillow pattern again. I took and drew pictures of them years ago and finally made a quilt for one of  my best friends and made a few pillows for myself.

The pictures I took the other day make me want to play with more lines.. and smaller birds maybe?? I dunno.

Very inspiring though.


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