Monday, 20 January 2014

HST!!! but not the taxing kind..

HST... If you are from British Columbia and don't quilt this might mean something else..

but IF you quilt... this may bring images of beauty to your mind. I am currently in LOVE LOVE LOVE with HST's. I don't know when it happened... it crept up quietly... I hated them during my mystery quilt journey... but have come around to staring at awe at them... and soaking up the inspiration all over pinterest.

JUST LOOK at those cute tiny colourful trinagles! Its like... quilting lust..

However.. if you want quilting Burlesque check out this amazing lady Libs Elliott she creates an amazing jaw dropping quilts using HST's brilliant use of colour and modern edgy design even calling one of her quilts "Triangle Sex". She's practically a quilting Betty just turns my quilty senses on.

Shes apparently working on some patterns and I am drooling waiting for them.

I had loads of left over greens from a quilt I did earlier last year and set about to making a HST quilt. I decided to do the old school method of cutting the squares, drawing a line from corner to corner.. know what I mean?

Its... somewhere between enjoyable and dull. I'm not sure if I'm going to break out the triangulations CD yet.. but I might just to change it up for the second half of the quilt.. but its coming along quite nicely.

A friend of mine sent me another method of making HST's that I've NEVER seen or heard of before.

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