Monday, 10 November 2014

Do you like sneaking in quickies?
I have a dirty secret I have kept my Kahuna this weekend… I had… a secret.. quickie. He went away this weekend for a hockey tournament and decided to indulge in my quickie about an hour before he came home… I just couldn’t help myself! I try to be good but sometimes… quickies gotta happen. Let me be less economical with the truth. I suffer from jumping craft to craft. There must be 6 ...8....10 projects on the go across the craft spectrum. Some are a long term commitment ( that pies and tarts quilt will ONE DAY be finished.. one year maybe is better term?) and others are shorter terms ( HST quilt ALMOST DONE!) and a sweater I have been working on.. but nothing has been finished in ages. There is like zero sense of accomplishment and it gets to the point when I walk into my craft room I just stare at the projects more than I work on them.. and then I avoid them.. because I am so far away.. I NEED TO FINISH something.

 I need to feel like “ Yes I can finish” “ Yes I am accomplishing stuff” “ why yes I have finished something recently.” So I needed a fix… another project.

 However whenever I have been found stroking a new pattern or ball of yarn in my room Kahuna will softly say “ do you need to start another? Maybe you should finish that quilt first??? I’m just saying..” I know he is right.. but he doesn’t understand..

Back to him being gone….

A co worker put out a call to sew together some doggie jackets for Dogs at risk on the street and since I’ve decided this is the “ Month of YES” I said YES!!! And then sneaked in a my quickie and I feel like I’m back in the saddle. Phew. And.. He still doesn’t know. Mwahahahahaha! Back to the HST quilt le sigh.

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