Sunday, 16 November 2014

This years costume... Headless bride a little late.. Oh well.

This years costume has been on my radar for some while. I've seen variations of it on the internet but I've just not had enough time to prepare...
 Until now.
It started with finding the perfect dress and that is hard to do without bleeding yourself dry ( pun intended ) after many failed thrift stores I had found myself at the local value village calling Kahuna for a sound board over a $50 dollar dress.. Can't lie. It was awesome but I knew I had to out at least a other 20-30 dollars more in accessories and paints etc. We agreed I should keep trying.

I ended up scoring one at salvation army for $15!! However while taping up my best friend in a long sleeved with duct tape to get the body form... I had to cut it off her body and with doing that a 20 dollar bra got snipped off. Whooooops!!!!

That sucked don't drink and craft friends.....

After that I stuffed it with the grocery bags that seem to reproduce in my closet and made homemade paper mache and slapped that on.. Followed by a paint job and some gloves filled with polyester filling and pipe cleaners it all came together in about a week. Oh and I shoves PVC pipe up the torso and that was tapped into a backpack.

I was the only one at my office dressed up... Ugh..however I went out for lunch and got all kinds of great reactions downtown and of course the kids this year at our house lost it!! Some of them stopped walking because they couldn't quite figure out what they were seeing.

This was  totally one of my favorite's now I've already begun next years plans. 

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