Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Festivus bringing out the best in us...

First of all check out this sweater.. up till midnight last night trying to throw it together.

I am literally slumped up against my couch writing this... Looking at the clock I've calculated 4 solid hours of baking tonight. Its hard to believe... when I compare to the 8 hours I sit at work I just spent HALF of that whole time baking.


How does it go so fast? Its a rhythm that I find in the kitchen where the hours melt away and the creativity rises and flows like the smells of gingerbread cupcakes in the oven.

I love trying new things and tonight I nailed off two new to me items. Chocolate creme brule! Finally... of course I only did this because I purchased a torch a few days ago to try these babies:

Yes... those.. are.. S'more cupcakes. I nearly fell off my chair when I stumbled across them on Sally's Baking Addiciton. Her recipe is pretty good. These suckers a quite involved so I recommend sitting down and really reading the recipe first a few times before cracking in.

The topping is this amazing marshmallow like mixture topping and then you torch and brown the tops like a toasted 'mellow. Bloody brillant right? They will be on sale tomorrow at work as I continue my Cakes for Cancer campaign to raise money for my friends kid who got diagnosed with ALL ( acute lymphblastic Leukemia ) a few weeks ago.  Its brought out the fight in me and energy to bake till I drop and trying to come up with creative ways to help her through this journey.

Did I mention I felt like a super bad ass baker using the torch. Its like a super power.

The other new favorite recipe that I pulled out tonight is also from her website. Gingerbread cupcakes and I've made a cinnamon buttercream to go on top. Although I'm not actually big on gingerbread itself I cannot contain myself to eat these... " Oh darn I stuck my finger in that one... I better eat it...." You get my drift. These little beauties are coming to my knit night social informal christmas party aka Sugar and Candys Trunk show... ( seriously check her bags out I dare you not to buy )

I've got a good stack of recipes still to pull out for the season. Chocolate gingerbread and my mom's famous winter crock pot trail mix.

What are your favorite winter festivus recipes?