Saturday, 17 January 2015

This whole growing up thing....

 This morning Kahuna got up bright and early and was out of the house which gave me the rare luxury of a quiet morning alone in the house. I got out of bed and stumbled to the Keurig and fumbled for a favorite coffee mug and as it sputtered and brewed started planning out my plan of attack for the morning.

First up was to dive into my Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I sat there at my kitchen table staring at the fabric I ordered it dawned upon me something might be wrong so I started flipping through Instagram and was horrified to see I made a total Rookie mistake. Yesterday when I opened my package of fabric my lips pursed into a happy "ooooohhh" as I opened it up and discovered the Aida Fabric.. was sparkly. It's not supposed to be sparkly.. damn it.. BUT.....

I do like shiny things.

However this morning as I tucked into my pattern my mind wandered a little... I thought about my mom a lot this morning. See when I was a little girl some of my earliest memories are craft stores with my mom. She was an avid cross stitcher. She put me in embroider club and taught me how to cross stitch. I remembered sitting waiting for my piano lessons making a tiny bonsai tree and then framing it proudly to give to my piano teacher. The stitches were not as perfect as my mothers and I marveled how fast she could stitch and how neat and tidy she was. Even her boxes of thread... stacked up I would opened and run my fingers across the cardboard tops reading each number trying to figure out the rhyme and reason to the colour flow.

I sipped on my coffee and put down my stichery. " I should put the laundry in the dryer"

As I put my clothes into the dryer my eyes survayed the kitchen and felt pleased how organized it was. I spent several hours yesterday scrubbing my floors, re organizing my baking cupboard and drawers. I checked the water that I had placed some pussy willows in and suddenly realized. HOLY CRAP....

turned around and looked at my kitchen table again.. Coffee mug, cross stitch, candle holders, salt and pepper shakers, napkins, table cloth placemats... holy mother of Prague! I'VE TURNED INTO my mother.

I'm telling ya it just snuck up on me. Well back to my coffee and stichery.

This is my first stitch along. Anyone else doing the Frosted Pumpkin Stichery Story Time Sampler? Curious what cloth you got and floss? How are you feeling this far? I'm worried I will do this.. and then in March forget about it like yesterdays news.

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  1. I realized I had turned into my mom when I WILLINGLY put a tape measure in my purse. (Never a calculator thought, because a) that's going TOO far and b) well, my phone has a calculator). Happy stitching!